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Gutter Vac gutter cleaning

Trust UK Seamless with your gutter needs!

Here at UK Seamless Gutters, you can trust us with all of your guttering needs. From installation to repairs to clean-outs. Keeping the inside of your gutter clean is more crucial than you might think. Here is a list of the main reasons you should keep your gutter clean.


Blocked gutters will cause overflow. Overflow will very often move into the house. If water is allowed into the house it can ruin the plaster on the walls and even the roof joists. A more visible byproduct is mould which can be dangerous to people.


Based on the two major points already made, is goes without saying that a simple gutter cleanout can save you a tonne of money in the future. Especially when water can cause trouble over a long time without you even knowing.


Overflowing water can also run on the outside of your house. Ruining the mortar in your brickwork and also the bricks themselves. Worse than that excess water on your home foundations can create rising damp, flooring issues, and overall integrity of your home.

If water flows through it, we clean it!

With our gutter vac system, we can clean any gutter up to 3 storeys high without the use of ladders. If you have a conservatory it's not a problem. The gutter vac comes with multiple carbon fiber poles that we can use to get over any obstacle.

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