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Aluminium Coping

Aluminium coping is cost efficient

Here at UK Seamless Gutters, we offer an aluminium coping service for all your parapet wall problems. Aluminium coping has many benefits over regular stone coping. Aluminium copings won't need re-pointing every few years or worry about them coming loose because of mortar as they are well fixed to the parapet wall itself. The paint finish is powder coated, so the nice clean look lasts much longer and they won't go green in the weather. They can also be designed to fall a certain way so they can be used to help push unwanted water a certain way. Aluminium is also a 100% recyclable material so its eco friendly too.

Check the picture below for some of our coping jobs 

Coping 1
Coping 2
coping 3
Coping 4
coping 5

We can have aluminium coping made in a wide range of different colours and sizes to meet whatever your build needs are. Completely custom-made! Enquire with us today to get a free quotation.

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