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We are proud to be able to say that we are now the top choice of gutter installation work for Housing 21. Housing 21’s roots lie with the Royal British Legion (RBL), which in 1921 began to house disabled ex-servicemen and widows and, later, older ex-servicemen and women. They commit to providing a modern and forward-looking 21st century service, striving for continuous improvement and innovation. They now provide over 38,000 hours of care each week and manage over 22,000 Retirement Living and Extra Care properties. So we have committed to fulfilling all of there guttering needs as and when they need them.

These are some of the site we have worked on so far...

Nicholson Court in Tideswell, Buxton

Colin Broughton Court in Bulwell, Nottingham

Ronald West Court, Langdale Avenue, Loughborough

Miller Court, Wainfleet St Mary, Skegness

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  • reece elkington

When we say uk seamless gutters we mean UK! In the last few months we have travelled as far as Skegness, Reading and newcastle for all kinds of work.

These are just a couple of pictures from the Housing 21 association we recently completed in Skegness. Nearly 300m of seamless gutter all with aluminium downpipes to suit. Complete with leaf guard to help protect the gutters from clogging up.

These a pictures from Jesmond in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They were struggling for seamless gutter installers so far up the country so we responded, working closely with them to give them exactly what the building needed. With a mixture of rise and fall fixings, fascia fixing and hopper pipes we had the job water tight and completed in 2 days.

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  • reece elkington

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

This week we invested in a brand new, custom made seamless aluminium valley gutter/lining machine. It also has other potential properties and uses which will be updated soon. This makes us one of the most formidable seamless companies in the country, as we can provide 5 inch, 6 inch, industrial and agricultural valley gutter.

valley gutter machine valley liner machine
Brand new custom valley gutter machine

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