Seamless gutter is the ultimate replacement system for all properties. It's strong, durable and most importantly it lasts. Our seamless gutter comes with a 25 year guarantee for both the paint finish and the gutter itself. 


The only joints in the seamless gutter system are the corners, which are also covered for 25 years. No joints means no leaks. Aluminium seamless is also completely recyclable so in turn being very environmentally friendly.


Seamless gutter comes in a range of colours:

  • Matt Black

  • Anthracite grey

  • Dusty Grey

  • Brown

  • White 

Our 5 inch profile is ideal for all domestic properties and will give your home and beautiful roofline finish. It will carry 3 times more water than any standard upvc gutter system. 

Our 6 inch profile is ideal for much bigger roofs such as commercial buildings or agricultural farm buildings. It will carry more water than the 5 inch being ideal for larger roofs but with all the same perks as the 5 inch. 25 year guarantee, no leaks and comes in all the same colours. 

5 inch seamless gutter


6 inch seamless gutter

Seamless Gutter.jpg

Seamless Valley gutter/liner

UK Seamless gutters has just invest in a brand new, custom made seamless valley gutter/liner machine. The perfect tool to update any valley gutter with all the perks of aluminium seamless. We can produce any profile up to a size of a 1m coil giving us a huge range of applications. 

Seamless valley gutters are ideal for industrial buildings and agricultural buildings. Also comes with a 25 year guarantee. Our seamless valley gutters are produced on site and inserted directly into the existing valley. Assuring a perfect fit into the original liner makes for a good base meaning more strength and more chance or a longer lasting gutter.